Rudi Niemand, BEng

Manager & Programmer

Technical Support Team Leader at Flowbird
Paddock Wood, Kent

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Overview as Progress

Years of experience in each discipline below, each 10% accounts for 1 year of experience


Management / 

3 years


Programming / Coding

4 years


Training & Support

6 years


UX & UI Design

4 years


Agile / Development

2 years



Good knowledge of / Use regularly

Visual Studio, C, JavaScript, Agile, XML, UX design, UI design, graphic design, software testing, HTML, CSS, Active Directory, wireless & networking, home automation, audio-video systems, RTI, Control4, Savant, Lutron, GNU/Linux

Knowledge of / Have used before

C++, C#, Java, Phonegap, Matlab, Android Studio, Mentor Graphics PADS, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Group Policy, web design, photography, photo editing, Delmatic, Domotz, Bash, Python, SEO, Microsoft Office

Know of / Used briefly

Ruby, PHP, VHDL, Kotlin, video editing, animation, digital marketing


Since graduating from university I've mostly been...

December 2011

Geek Squad, Tunbridge Wells

Technical Support Agent
Customer support, user training, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, web design, HTML

April 2012

Tonbridge Grammar School

IT Support Technician
Technical support, Windows, Mac OS, Windows Server administration, Hyper-V, OS installation, hardware repairs, software installation, network installation, web design, documentation, trouble shooting

June 2014

Axa, Tunbridge Wells

Software Developer
Visualfiles, software development, programming, Agile / DSDM Atern, C#, JavaScript, VBScript, business analysis, project management, Team Foundation Server, bug finding/fixing, release & version testing, user training, UI design, Microsoft SQL Server, code commenting/documenting

July 2015

Circle Automation, Sevenoaks

Engineer & Programmer
RTI, Savant, Control4, Lutron, Photoshop, graphic design, documentation, system testing, network design, hardware installation, programming, driver development, JavaScript, XML, Python, Bash, GNU/Linux administration, scripting, control systems, BMS, HVAC control, automation, conference systems, UX & UI design, RS232/485, TCP/IP, ModBus, code documenting

December 2016

MSCM Intl., Paddock Wood

Operations Manager (Temporary Position)
Process management, staff training, stock control, logistics management, quality control, document production, team management

April 2017

Flowbird, Paddock Wood
(formerly Cale Access)

Technical Manager & Team Leader
UX & UI design, programming, XML, XAML, C, Windows Server administration, GNU/Linux administration, team management, project management, engineer & customer support, engineer & customer training, software & hardware training, trouble shooting, process implementation, software testing, UX & UI testing, web application design

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Computers & Technology

First and foremost, my interest in computers and all things technology stems from the age of 7 when I got my first computer - an Apple IIe. Since then I've taken apart, built and hacked many toys and devices.

Cars & Mechanics

I've always liked cars, a lot. I've only owned a small variety since having a driving licence, again I've tinkered enough to teach me all the ins and outs, including engine swaps and turbo conversions.

Family Time

I'm married and we have a daughter and spending time together is just as important as everything else in life. Finally, being South African-born I do like boerewors and a braai whatever the weather.

Software/App Development

I taught myself programming (before it was more commonly acknowledged as coding) during my early teens - starting with HTML and JavaScript, moving on to BASIC and C and dabbling a little in Python, C++, Java and C#. I have also briefly sampled Ruby, PHP and R.


While working as a Software Developer in an Agile team for Axa there was no single clean story size pointing/scoring app that anyone used or could recommend. I created Appoint with the sole purpose of fitting perfectly with our point scoring without ads, options and clutter.

Appoint (because we "appointed" scores with a number of "points") is written in HTML and JavaScript and built as an Android APK using the Phonegap wrapper.

Download available from my Public Google Drive folder.


Everyone likes an inspirational or motivational quote on a pretty background. What I liked even more is creating my own app to do so. It's still in development, working on enabling the feature to share what's generated. Slowly getting there in my spare time when I find it.

Inspiraday (inspiration-a-day) is written in HTML, JavaScript and CSS and built as an Android APK using the Phonegap wrapper.

Download available from my Public Google Drive folder.


In my current position as the Team Leader of the Technical Support team for Flowbird (formerly Cale) I wanted to create a form of recording everyone's day-to-day tasks - without irrelevant information - to allow us to present "how busy we are" to other managers as well as helping with scheduling future work.

CTWT (short for "Cale Tech Work Tracker") is written in C and produces XML data in date-stamped log files on a daily basis. I'm afraid I cannot make this one public, however, as it is still in use professionally.


I tend to have a lot going on in my mind at all times - a lot of it I try to put down in writing so I don't have to keep remembering it. One such example is Programming Quest. I have set myself a challenge of gaining a better understanding of computer programming.

programming quest screenshot